2PM to 9PM Sep 24


Today! Passes below or at the Gate

race ...

Quit racing on the street, this is the proving ground.  Whether its Drag Racing at Tunerbash or Roadcourse at Tougebash, we got an event for you.

...and showoff

The mall security can’t kick you out at this show off.  We set the atmosphere with a laid back cars and coffee style car show, DJs and a burnout contest!


Got a business and want to promote?  


Passes will also available at the Gates, but perhaps at a higher price.

Race - $65 Advance $75 at Gate

Quarter Mile Drag Racing, VIP Parking, Eligible for Show awards, and Burnout Contest – Limited QTY so we can get more runs in. 

Showoff Parking - $30

Includes entry.   Eligible for awards.  Not eligible for Burnout Contest. 

VIP Club Parking (Min 5) - $20-25 Advanced only

Register you car club and save $5-10  per car. Includes Pass for Driver

5-10 Cars: $25 each
10+ Cars: $20 each – same price as Spectator/Crew Pass!

Arrive together to park together, sorry no holding spots.


Crew - $20

Must arrive with Competitor. Will recieve access to staging lanes

Spectator - $18 Advance $20 at Gate

Use spectator gates.  Free parking in Spectator Lot. 
Child 6-13 or Senior Over 55: $10
Children Under 5 are free.

Exhibitor Display - $150-500

Want to exhibit or sell products at Tunerbash?  We have many options starting at only $150.   Contact us to learn more.


Think of crazy car meet with racing, but all Legal.  Tunerbash is a private track rental event that combines street style drag racing with a high energy all age environment. 

Tougebash has the same car meet atmosphere as Tunerbash but is based on a road course style competition instead of a drag race. Touge (pronounced ‘TOE-ge’) is a Japanese word literally meaning “pass”.

Not a rigid competition full of regular racers and all “Go” attitude. Same with the showoff, you don’t need a trailer queen to participate, just a cool modified ride.

Run what you brung – we don’t care what you drive, just make sure its street legal. If you’re a bracket racer or trailer in your race car, this probably isn’t the event for you. 

Both Tunerbash and Tougebash have different rules, but we keep it as simple as possible. At the end of the night we’ll do a “Lucky 16” where the 16 closest times will compete in an elimination.

Showoff participants get access to our premium showcase parking area and are eligible for show awards. Once racing is done, we will kick into the Showoff finale!

Tunerbash – vendor showcase, feature vehicles, race the police, stunt bikes, soundoff and the grand finale Burnout Contest

Tougebash – vendor showcase, feature vehicles, food trucks and the grand finale Limbo Contest and 2-Step contest 

*all other events are planned only and could change or be cancelled

Join us