Edmonton Touge

Hello Everyone, the following is current at time of publication. Please revisit before event date to ensure you have the latest information, changes and updates are likely.

  • 10:30 – Gates Opens / Load In for Drivers
  • 11:45 – Driver’s Meeting
  • 12:00 – Gate Open for Spectators
  • 12:00 – Track is hot
  • 17:30 – Track is cold
  • *Schedule can and will change at the discretion of Tunerbash

TougeBash General Information

NEW track drivers – Please also review the info at very end for car preparation.


Registration closes at 11:45AM. Late arrivals will not be accepted and no refund will be provided. The way to ensure you get the most out of your day and don’t miss any track time is to arrive early so you can register on time.

Bring your photo I.D. and all of your safety gear including helmet.  At registration we will have you sign the liability waiver, check you in.  You can then proceed immediately to the pit spots.


  • Tires must have a minimum of 50% tread life remaining
  • Front and rear brakes must be in good working condition.  Brake pads will be visually inspected for wear. Any brake pads deemed too thin will not pass inspection.
  • Brake lights must be working, and glass must be taped over securely if damaged previously. 
  • Batteries must be securely tied down; no loose objects allowed inside trunk and cabin


At 11:45 AM there will be a mandatory drivers’ meeting for all registered participants. The meeting usually lasts about twenty minutes and covers information that is important for the safety of all drivers. Procedures, flags, rules, and track information will all be covered. Any drivers not in attendance will not be allowed on the track and refunds will not be given.


Pay attention to flag stations when you drive by them. It’s the only way we can communicate with you. Your instructors will show you where these stations are on the initial laps. 

All participants must understand and follow all flagging procedures.

  • Green Flag: Track is hot, drivers are on the course
  • Checkered Flag: The session is over. Exit the track at Pit In on this lap.
  • Yellow Flag: Something is happening ahead that requires attention. Pay attention and be alert for a potential hazard. 
  • Red Flag: The session has to be stopped immediately. Put on your hazard lights, ease off the throttle and slowly come to a complete stop at the next corner station.  Follow the instructions of the corner workers once you come to a full stop.
  • Black Flag: If the black flag is displayed to you, there is an issue with your car or your driving that is serious enough to warrant having you pull off the track. The black flag is displayed by the corner worker pointing at you.  If you are black-flagged, come back to the hot pits and one of our staffs will chat with you and tell you what was wrong with either your driving or your car.


Head-to-Head Races around a Short Course on track

  1.       Two Drivers Start in Staggered A or B positions
  2.       Both Drivers start simultaneously
  3.       RACE around the course
  4.       First one to their Finish line, wins

How to Stage?

During your designated session, you will line up at the staging line until you are directed by TougeBash track marshal to proceed to start line A or B. There will be two Marshal’s out there to help you get settled.  Once you are settled, the Marshal tower will drop a flag for you to go.

When Can I race?

Your designated group will be called by TougeBash Track Staff prior to your session.  


Sometime over the last hour we will run eliminations the last hour of hot track of the night will consist of similarly paced vehicles and putting them into an elimination style tournament!

TougeBash Rules

These rules are in addition to, and not in derogation of, the rules of common sense and exigencies that might arise at the scene. These rules in no way constitute the entire scope of how the event will be run, and the organizers reserve the right to implement rules on the scene as needed and invoke and enforce a summary judgment based on circumstances that exist at the time. Track and TougeBash staff reserve the right to expel any person from the event at any time without refund. For any questions related to the Rules & Regulations below, please contact any of the TougeBash staff. PLEASE NOTE: Safety is the primary focus of every track event hosted by TougeBash. The following rules reflect what is thought to be the bare minimum needed for safety for all participants in any of the TougeBash events. Meeting or exceeding the rules is a requirement for all TougeBash events. If adhered to, the events will be a fun and quality experience for all involved. 

Other general rules to follow: 

  • No timing.
  • 95db static noise limit.
  • Helmets to appropriate safety standards for car use (SA2010)
  • Helmets must be worn and securely fastened.
  • Seatbelts / Harnesses must be worn at all times on track.
  • No handheld video recording.


  • Pit speed is limited to 15 km/hr; Hot Pit speed limit is 50km/hr (No scrubbing tires in hot pit area)
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • No open alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pits until after the event has officially ended.
  • Any registered driver caught consuming alcohol or using drugs will be immediately ejected from the premises.
  • All vehicles and pit equipment must be kept inside the designated areas.
  • All other facility rules must be followed at all times.

Thank you for reading the above information.  Looking forward to meet you all at the event.

New Track Drivers **Please read in full**

Please review the following for car preparation. It is not limited to only these key items, but you must ensure they are looked after before arriving at the event.

These are safety items which will not only keep yourself safe but also everyone else sharing the track with you. Having a car that is mechanically sound to withstand the much higher loads on track compared to street driving ensures you a fun day of driving and more importantly, a car to drive home in.

  • Brake Pads
  • Regular OEM and equivalent brake pads are NOT recommended.
  • Use uprated performance pads designed for street and track driving at the minimum. (Ie. StopTech Sport, Hawk HP+, etc)
  • Minimum 60% pad thickness recommended.
  • Brake Fluid
  • It is REQUIRED to bleed or flush your brake fluid before a track day. (This minimizes the chance of boiling the fluid and losing all braking. No brakes = No fun)
  • Use DOT4 or DOT5.1 fluids only.
  • Tires
  • Summer tires with at least 6/32” tread and V-rated or better are highly recommended.
  • Some all-season tires are also acceptable, but only high or ultra-high performance types at the minimum.
  • Winter tires with or without studs are not acceptable and will not be allowed on track.

The items above are just a few important things to prepare. Car preparation is the responsibility of every driver. If you don’t know how to properly prepare your car for track driving, please consult a knowledgeable mechanic or repair shop