Driver Package

Aug 19 Tentative Schedule 

Saturday (times in PM): 

  • 12:00 – Novice Driver Tutorial
  • 1:15 – Gates Open for Touge Competitors, Competitors MUST arrive before 2:00 for load in.
  • 2:00 – Touge Competitor / Driver’s Meeting
  • 2:30 – Track Is HOT (Touge Qualifications)
  • 3:00 – Gate Open for Spectators
  • 4:30 – Drift Demo
  • 7:00 – Car Show awards handed out
  • 7:00 – Drift Demo
  • 7:30 – Touge Eliminations
  • 9:00 – Event Ends
  • Exhaust 2 Step Battles will run during track breaks and can place anytime between 6PM and 9PM.

*Schedule can change at the discretion of TougeBash.

TougeBash General Information

In the spirit of “Touge”, limits to cars will be strictly to street legal vehicles. That means no towing/support vehicles to the track. Drive your car to the track and have some fun competition.

Drivers will be split into session groups and battle during their groups’ designated time slot.

The competition format will consist of two drivers racing on a short course layout that is entirely viewable from spectator stands. Race will consist of one lap of the layout from a dead stop and winner is determined by the person who crosses their respective start line. Drivers will NOT BE PASSING and will be starting from staggered positions. In the last hour we will feature a few “feature races” along with a “lucky 16 tournament” and a “Top Shop” Tournament. 

How to Race?

Head-to-Head Races around a Short Course on track

  1.       Two Drivers Start in Staggered positions
  2.       Both Drivers start simultaneously
  3.       RACE around the course
  4.       First one back to where they started, wins

How to Stage?

During your designated session, you will line up at the staging line until you are directed by TougeBash track marshal to proceed to start line A or B. If you are in the left lane, go to the farthest start point/Closest to the tower (A). If you are in the right, go to the closest start point (B). There will be two Marshal’s out there to help you get settled.  Once you are settled, the Marshal tower will drop a flag for you to go.

What do I do when I cross the line?

Once Drivers finish their lap, they will proceed to slow down at “shutdown cone” and taxi back to Staging Line through the Return Road (Purple Line) then you can get back in line (unless the staging marshal has told you last run).

When Can I race?

Your designated group will be called by TougeBash Track Staff prior to your session. A detailed session group may be sent prior to event day.  

Competitor Pit & Load in

Pit will be on the grass section and portions of the tarmac within the Hair Pin Region.  Competitors get first priority to get in and settled at the track! That means smaller lines!

Drivers will arrive and sign in at check in location then proceed to taxi around track to pit area. (Green Route)

Roll out for those part of competition attendance will only be allowed after track events are done for the evening. (Orange Route)


Top 16/Top Shop

General competition Format will run from 1700 to 1900. Sometime over the last hour we will run “Top 16” the last hour of hot track of the night will consist of drawing 16 similarly paced vehicles and putting them into an elimination style tournament!

Top Shop will run also run in the last hour which will take the drivers of the shop class and potentially a few others to run in an elimination style tournament to see who can get the nights bragging rights!

TougeBash Rules

These rules are in addition to, and not in derogation of, the rules of common sense and exigencies that might arise at the scene. These rules in no way constitute the entire scope of how the event will be run, and the organizers reserve the right to implement rules on the scene as needed and invoke and enforce a summary judgment based on circumstances that exist at the time. Track and TougeBash staff reserve the right to expel any person from the event at any time without refund. For any questions related to the Rules & Regulations below, please contact any of the TougeBash staff. PLEASE NOTE: Safety is the primary focus of every track event hosted by TougeBash. The following rules reflect what is thought to be the bare minimum needed for safety for all participants in any of the TougeBash events. Meeting or exceeding the rules is a requirement for all TougeBash events. If adhered to, the events will be a fun and quality experience for all involved. 

ALL Drivers must:  

  • Be at least 18 years old  
  • Hold a current valid driver’s license  
  • Attend all required drivers’ meetings  
  • Pass a safety (tech) inspection on fill out the required waiver for the event. 
  • Have the proper safety equipment  
  • Pay the event registration fee  
  • Follow the rules set forth in this document, along with any rules given before or during the event by the event organizers  
  • Abide by any and all rules of the event. Take proper care to not damage the track facilities in any way possible. In the pits and paddock, all jack stands should have solid bottoms (plates welded to them to disperse the load to the entire surface underneath the jack stand) or be placed on wood as to not damage or sink into the hot asphalt. Spilling fuel or other fluids that damages asphalt surfaces should be absolutely avoided with the use of drip pans or other measures. Contact in any detrimental way to the walls, berms, tire walls, or other structures of the racetrack or paddock that cause damage deemed to need repair (by the track management) may result in the driver or owner of the car causing the damage to be billed for repairs. 

Run groups.  

Each driver shall be allowed in their chosen group or re-assigned to a group by the lead instructor or motorsports director based on their driving history, feedback from past instructors and conduct at past events (if applicable). If the group selected during registration is different from the group the participant is assigned, the participant will be contacted by TougeBash management.  

Changing Run Groups  

  • If a participant believes they are in the wrong run group during the event, they should contact TougeBash management.  
  • TougeBash management reserve the right to change your run group based on other driver feedback, as well as feedback from track staff. 


  1. not pass another car at any time during the race.
  2. Leave a safe distance when they are behind a slower car. 
  3. Use proper and safe speed on the grid and in the paddock. (walking/light jog pace) 4. When entering the track, DO NOT CROSS THE BLEND LINE  
  4. Pay attention to and follow the directions of the marshals!
  5. Driver arms and hands must remain inside the vehicle at all times unless giving a passing signal. Only the driver is allowed to give the passing signal. Passing is only allowed if the lead driver has an issue and must pull over.
  6. Do not exit the vehicle on track at any time unless instructed to do so by a corner worker, or if the car is on fire. FIRE IS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE REASON TO EXIT YOUR CAR ON TRACK. If fire happens, run away from the track surface (as cars might still be driving the track at speed), or toward a corner worker station, if possible, without crossing the track itself.  
  7. If a driver notices something is wrong with their car while on track, every effort should be made to pull off the track immediately, in a safe and predictable manner. DO NOT EXIT THE VEHICLE UNLESS IT IS ON FIRE, or unless instructed to do so by corner workers or emergency personnel.  
  8. Going off track accidentally or spinning off the racing surface, including flat spins without exiting the racing surface, are highly discouraged. A firm “2 strikes” rule will be instituted. If you go off track and require to be towed, stay in your car and your will be towed at the end of the current session. 2 off track or out of control calls on a car will result in that driver being parked for the remainder of the day, and the issues with said driver will be discussed. Driving within the limits of the car, track surface, and driver’s skill is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Contact with walls or barriers or other cars will result in the driver being parked for the remainder of the day. These events cannot continue without the safe driving of the participants being the highest priority for all involved.  
  9. Any and all unsafe and reckless/out of control driving that is seen by participants is asked to be reported to TougeBash Staff. 

Driver Conduct:

  1. Conduct. All drivers and their crew members participating in an event shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship. This includes their interaction with all competitors, officials, TougeBash staff, and all TougeBash participants or attendees who may or may not be participating in the track events or attending the festivities. Any driver who is involved in an incident with another car or any barrier shall follow the instructions of the safety team without question and will not be allowed to return to competition without the approval of the safety stewards or TougeBash staff.  

Consumption of alcohol or narcotics during the hours of track operations at any TougeBash event is unacceptable. Any person found to be breaking this rule will be asked to leave the premises and refunds will not be given.  

  1. Flags. General flag rules will be observed. Flag rules will be gone over in the race group drivers meeting at the start of the race weekend.  
  2. PASSING RULES – NO PASSING allowed unless the lead driver incurs an issue and is required to pull over to the side and off track. The run has ended in this case.
  3. Stopping on track. Coming to a complete stop on track is prohibited if at all possible. A full-stop vehicle will automatically result in a yellow, black, or red flag situation for all cars in the area of the stopped vehicle or on the entire racetrack. If a car needs to stop on track, please stop near or behind a safety worker station/track barrier cutaway, and drivers may only exit the vehicle if given the permission of the safety worker. It is strongly advised not to stop any vehicle on tall, dry grasses, as fire and inevitable vehicle damage will likely occur. If the vehicle is on fire, the driver may exit as soon as possible. 
  4. Advertisements- There will be no direct advertising or solicitation unless approved by Tougebash Management


Fueling and Fluids  

  1. Fueling of cars should be done in proper areas, with adequate measures for safety, and from approved containers. Fire extinguishers shall be present and in a readily accessible location during any refueling from containers. Oil and other fluids from fluid changes must be disposed of properly.  Participants should ask TougeBash management for guidance if unsure of proper disposal locations and methods.  
  2. All cars must make attempts to minimize antifreeze in the radiator, and replace with water, as antifreeze can cause the track to become unnaturally slick if it spills onto the surface. Other cooling assistance products (“water wetter’’, etc.) are allowed in small amounts in the vehicle. Radiator contents typically cannot be checked during tech inspection because most vehicles come through tech inspection too hot to inspect, but it is asked that drivers make every attempt to understand and comply to this rule.  
  3. Lights. Functional brake lights (at least one easy to spotlight at rear of car) must be on all cars and functional at all times or a car may be black flagged. Working headlights are mandatory for all cars during races occurring after dark. Any number of additional headlights may be used provided they are not deemed to be excessive or a hazard to other drivers. Roof mounted lights are not allowed unless deemed to not be distracting to other drivers. In night races, one headlight and one brake must be functioning at all times. Additional colored lights may be added to the car for identification purposes.  The use of reflective tape and other similar devices is encouraged for on-track safety purposes.  
  4. Mirrors. All cars driving on track must have at least two functioning rear view mirrors. Additional mirrors and locations of said mirrors are free and encouraged.  

5.Tow Hooks. All cars must have at least 1 tow hook on the front and 1 tow hook on the back, either labeled or in an obvious location Tow hooks must be strong enough to bear the weight of the car under a snapping/yanking condition if the car becomes stuck and they must be used.  If no tow hook is available when needed, track staff reserves the right to suitable means to move vehicle. 

  1. Harnesses. All cars with rollbars or roll cages shall use 5 point-or-greater harnesses or harnesses with ASM technology, with SFI ratings. OEM seatbelts are only allowed with the use of OEM seats (Highly not recommended)

Tech Requirements  

  1. Participants must self tech their vehicle and send the completed form to prior to tech deadline. Participants shall bring their car in the state they completed their self tech and as it will be driven on track. This includes the tires and pads they will use on track. All loose items should be out of the car, and helmet and any device that will be secured to the car during the event should be present and installed (camera mounts, etc.). Participants must be able to demonstrate if requested that any device that will be attached to the car (inside or out) is secured properly.  Floor mats that are not pinned in must be removed, and glove boxes and storage areas must be emptied. If an item is not tied down, it should not be in the car.  
  2. If a participant knowingly has an issue with a car before or during the event, please inform the TougeBash staff as soon as possible. If participants are found to be knowingly tracking a car with a potentially dangerous issue, they will be asked to fix the issue before being allowed on track.  

Below is a basic list (common issues in bold) of issues that should be addressed prior to going to tech or going on track. Please check for these issues throughout the event and correct them if they appear on a vehicle:

  • Loose lug nuts  
  • Brake lights not working  
  • Loose bolts – please torque ALL bolts to spec before going through tech  
  • Loose/bad wheel bearings or ball joints  
  • Fluid leaks of any kind (windshield washer fluid, oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid) ● Hoses that can rub on sheet metal, causing damage or cuts in the hoses.  
  • Brake pad thickness less than the recommended minimum thickness  
  • Loose body panels/wings  
  • Loose objects in the car  
  • Loose dipstick tube  
  • Low oil pressure, high coolant/water temperature  
  • Frayed belts  
  • Loose/missing gas cap  
  • Battery not tied down properly. TIE DOWNS MUST BE OEM OR BETTER QUALITY. Rubber or ratchet straps are not acceptable.  
  • Exposed wiring or wiring that can potentially rub on sheet metal in a damaging way to the wiring.  General wiring, especially under hood, must be neat and secure in layout. 

TougeBash staff reserve the right to suspend participation due to any indication or evidence of a vehicle not meeting the safety standards or tech compliances.

Participants should ensure that they bring adequate tools, as well as extra fluids, pads, and spare parts. This is recommended for any track event and will help ensure that they maximize track time. If a car cannot pass tech, it will not be allowed to drive on track. Complying with the safety rules and ensuring a car is in good mechanical condition will ensure that it will be safe for the participant and others.. This is a firm rule, with no exceptions. Participants should go over every inch of their car prior to the event, and check all systems, bolts, and have quality and fresh fluids in their car. The responsibility of ensuring that the vehicle is safe and in proper mechanical condition to participate in the event falls exclusively upon the driver. Refunds will not be issued for non-compliant cars. 


  1. Passengers are not allowed in any run groups.


Proper fitting SA 2010, 2015 helmet only. Motorcycle only helmets are NOT ALLOWED.  


  • Non-synthetic fabric clothing (i.e., Cotton)  
  • Long pants only, no shorts on track.  
  • T-Shirts are a minimum. Long-sleeved shirts are highly encouraged on track. 
  • Shoes must be closed toe. No sandals or crocs. 

If you have any questions regarding tech, rules, or the event in general, please forward your inquiries to